How it all began...

My name is Candice Edgcumbe Reid, I am just an ordinary wife, mother, daughter and sister living my dream and passion by sharing the greatness of God through my clothing line - Baby Faith LTD.
I am a mother of two amazing daughters who inspire me everyday.My daughters are one of my greatest blessings from God.
I grew up in a home oozing with love, laughter and happiness creating memories with my father, mother and brother. We were a very close family with God at the center of our home. I believe that family is the greatest blessing life has to offer. 
My story is one based on courage and faith. Faith to never give up on your dreams and courage to take that step of faith. Someone very dear to my heart once told me that I would achieve great things if I never gave up during the difficult times, I believed in myself and had confidence in who I was as a woman of God and if trusted in God's perfect timing. This very special someone was my earthly father who now smiles at me from heaven above. The impact that my father has had on my life has been profound.My father has left an imprint in my heart for the rest of my life, an imprint that I will treasure forever. He always encouraged me and believed in my dreams. My amazing mother is also someone I consider my best friend, who is the bravest and strongest woman I have ever known. My mother's love for God and her kindness is an inspiration. She has always motivated me and  encouraged me to climb the mountain of life never looking at the journey a head but rather taking every step as it comes. My mother is a God fearing woman whose prayers have carried me to get to where I am. I will eternally be grateful for the parents God blessed me with and the Christian values they have instilled in me as a young child which have made me the woman I am today. So Baby Faith LTD I do in honor of my father and 
My vision for Baby Faith LTD is that I hope to reach as many young lives as possible with the word of God. Not only the young but to reach people in general, sharing the greatness of God and His love for us through His word.
Baby Faith LTD is a way for me to praise God by sharing his ever lasting love for us while at the same time living my dream of creating a quality clothing line. My clothing products are created for ultimate comfort while at the same time guaranteeing 100% quality.
My clothing line is manufactured locally in South Africa and I am proud to share such a fine quality range for our little ones and older ones alike.
May God always be at the center of the Baby Faith LTD journey and through this clothing line may many tiny souls and big souls alike be touched in some way.
With Love
Candice Edgcumbe Reid


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